Photo Booth Rental Pricing - What's Typical?


There are numerous photo booths that can be rented out for weddings, parties, and other events. The price range for each type of photo booth can vary greatly. Some photo booths can be rented for a set price or you could opt to pay an hourly fee. When it comes to prices, it may help to consider a few factors when planning your next event.

The national average price for party photo booth rental CT typically falls into the range of $500-600. There are a variety of different options that can be explored when it comes to renting a photo booth. A good example of typical wedding photo booth rental prices:

Weekend packages: Most of the larger businesses will rent out a photo booth on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis. These are usually the most expensive of all prices for a photo booth. For example, a weekend package could include one hour of use per person with two separate photo sessions.

Additional hours: This option allows you to use the photo booth rental Connecticut up to an additional hour each day. In some cases, an hour of use will include an additional fifty minutes per session. Depending on how much time you need to fill out the pictures and get them ready for mailing, you may have to consider this option if you do not want to deal with paper jams.

One or two-day passes: A good example of a more affordable option when it comes to renting a photo booth is to purchase a guest photo booth pass. Typically, these passes will give you unlimited use of the photo booth for a single price and allow you to rent out the photo booth for as long as you want.

The price you pay for a photo booth rental should also depend on how many days the booth will be available for use. If you plan to use the photo booth more than once in a month or so, it may be worth it to purchase a three or four-day pass. These passes can allow you to rent the booth out over the course of several weeks or months at a time without having to pay any additional fees.

When considering price when it comes to a photo booth rental, it can be helpful to take a look at how the equipment is being used at the time of the sale. Often, the more expensive items are the ones that will be reserved and used most frequently.

Price, in general, does vary from company to company. Before purchasing your photo booth, make sure to compare several vendors to get a better idea of the price ranges, and you may find that you have better luck getting the lowest price. Read more at